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In 1927, the construction of the main building of the Central Railway Station in Kyiv was in full swing. The future capital was being transformed from the “city of churches and monasteries” into a city with an industrial landscape.

On the left bank of the Dnipro river, on the territory now occupied by our company, a small manufacturer of wooden crates was organized.

In as much as five years, the wooden crate facility turned into Kyiv Rosin and Turpentine Factory.

In 1936, the factory started the construction of the country's first camphor crystals production, with annual output of 600 tons.

In the 1950s, the factory started to export its products.

In 1955, the output was three times as much as the pre-war level.

In January 1960, the factory changed its name to Kyiv Chemical Complex. Thus, early '60s gave rise to the origin of one of Ukraine's first polymer materials processing companies.

1962 – Kyiv Chemical Complex pioneered the production of industrial PVC films in Ukraine.

1965 marked the start of the commercial production of blown PE films.

In 1969, the Complex was renamed Kyiv Plant of Polymer Materials.

The company manufactured products for more than 25 industries, such as printing industry, paints and coatings, electrical engineering, food industry etc., as well as for agriculture.

1970 – Kyiv Plant of Polymer Materials was the first in Ukraine to have mastered the production of polyethylene bags with 4-colour flexo print. The output amounted to 32 million pieces per year.

After reconstruction, in 1972-1973, the plant launched mass-production of polyethylene films. In the 1970s, the plant manufactured packaging PE and PVC films, agricultural polyethylene films for greenhouses and glass-houses.

In 1985, the first reconstruction of the plant took place and, as a result, it became the largest USSR manufacturer of industrial PE films, with the annual output reaching 25 thousand tons.

As far back as in 1986 and until 1990, Kyiv Plant of Polymer Materials produced knotless packaging netting, dairy packaging film, shopping bags, printed tablecloths, PVC film, assembly PVC pipes and other items.

In 1994, entrepreneur Oleksandr Galkin, Ph.D. in Science and engineer, invested over $1,3 million in the plant, becoming the majority shareholder. This was the first powerful impetus to complete production modernization.

1997 — the plant changed its name to OJSC “Ukrplastic”.

In 1997-2001, as part of the comprehensive program aimed at the development of modern packaging materials production, the plant put into operation up-to-date high-performance equipment by leading machine manufacturers from the UK, Germany, France and Italy, enabling the production of high-quality printed packaging, as well as multi-layer materials produced by sticking together polymer films, aluminum foil and paper in various combinations. This marked the completion of an integrated technological “under-one-roof” complex for the production of flexible packaging materials.

1999. The company passed certification audit to verify its conformance with the ISO 9001 standards.

2002. The company debuted at the Interpack international fair.

2004. The company doubled its production capacity.

2008. Additional extrusion lines were installed to produce 11-layer blown films.

Since 2010 a major investment program was launched within several years, which provided for the implementation of up-to-date, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and resource-saving technologies for the production of flexible packaging materials, which had been imported in Ukraine previously, such as:

  • Sumitomo automated warehouse
  • second automated laser engraving line for manufacturing rotogravure cylinders
  • Co-extrusion lamination line, which was first to be installed in Europe.

The number of flexographic and rotogravure printing lines, lamination and other manufacturing equipment was also increased, enabling the production of 2.5 thousand tons.

In 2020, the Ukrplastic assets were purchased by TAS Group, followed by the establishment of Evotek. Ink. Company on the basis of these assets.

Founded in 1998, TAS Group is one of Ukraine's major and fastest-growing financial and industrial groups.

Business interests of the TAS Group include: financial sector, industry group (metals production, machinery manufacturing, railway transport, agricultural business, fruit processing), real estate, venture projects.

As an innovative company, TAS Group conducts its business in accordance with modern international standards, ensuring high levelsof profitability of the share capital, facilitating the development of markets in which it is present and responding to the demands and needs of all clients.