TAS EVOTEK is the largest manufacturer of flexible packaging materials for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries in Central and Eastern Europe. For more than 20 years, the company has been providing a full production cycle for manufacturing flexible polymer packaging materials, from granules and inks to finished rolled materials and packages. The products meet the environmental and law requirements of all sales markets, including the EU and the US. The company produces flexible packaging materials that have an excellent appearance, high barrier properties, are effectively processed on packaging machines, extend the shelf life of products, and are environmentally friendly at all stages of life.

In production coextrusion lamination and coating, duplex, triplex and inline adhesive lamination based on solvent and solvent-free technologies are applied. Vacuum metallization with preliminary plasma treatment of the films surface is carried out. Electronic design, digital and laser technologies of prepress processes, flexographic and gravure printing with stochastic screening are applied. Different types of inks and varnishes.

The products we develop and produce comply with the norms and regulations of EU for materials that come in to contact with food. Our products contain only safe components that do not harm packaged products. Our accredited in-house laboratory has the latest equipment and carries out constant analysis and quality control of the products.

Our Mission

We produce flexible plastic packaging, endeavoring to meet customers' and consumers' requirements as much as practicable and to anticipate their future needs. This is our main goal and we use all company's intellectual potential and its unique capabilities to achieve it.

We go thoroughly into modern business needs and seek to create products, which would be a competitive advantage for our customers in the market.

Our Vision

By 2025, our company will be among the top 3 leading flexible plastic packaging manufacturers in European countries, employing advanced production technologies and distributing its products in the global market.

Our Values

Operational Excellence

  • We create an environment, where employees can show their abilities as much as possible.
  • We improve our knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis and weare open to share our knowledge with the employees.
  • We remain up-to-date with evolving science and engineering and we use advanced equipment and technologies.
  • We work towards significant results and create added value for our company on a daily basis.

Customer-Oriented Approach

  • We are open and honest with our customers.
  • We are mindful of our customers' needs and may anticipate them.
  • We daily seek to enhance and improve our processes for the benefit of our customers.

Safety and Sustainability

  • We design safe packaging for end-consumers of food products.
  • Our packaging products meet all legal requirements on safety in the EU, US and other countries where they are marketed.

The products, which we design and produce, comply with the Ukrainian Legislation, rules, Regulations and Directives on materials intended to come into contact with food (№ 10/2011, №1935/2004, №2023/2006, № 94/62, № 1907/2006, SR 817.023.21).

Our products contain only safe components, which make no harm to the packaged food products. Raw material components are designed and produced in accordance with the EU Regulations on materials intended to come into contact with food (№ 10/2011, № 1935/2004, №2023/2006, №2007/68, №1169/2011, № 94/62, № 1907/2006, SR 817.023.21, FDA).

Safety of our packaging is certified on a regular basis in accredited EU and Ukrainian laboratories.

  • We hold out for products with minimal environmental impact – this is our responsibility before future generations.


  • Human life, health.
  • Environmental protection, sustainability.
  • Social accountability.
  • Operational excellence and development of the innovations economy sector.
  • Openness and transparency of the activities, including financial.
  • High business standards.
  • Team work.


Nature of our business and involvement in the global consumption system require special attention to safety and quality of our products. The concept of safe and reasonable consumption underlies our development.